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Who Uses A Book Review Company ?

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This post will kick off a discussion of book reviews, how to get them and finally how to break into the more recognized book review sources.

The following short article by Michelle Spoils will get us started:

‘You might wonder who uses a book review company to review books. There are a variety of different people who might want to use a book review company. Most of them are unknown authors who have published through self publishing or through a small press.

The face of book publishing has changed dramatically over the past few years. There are more smaller publishing houses and self publishing houses available today more than ever. Because these companies are able to print on demand, using computers instead of presses, it is now more affordable than ever for someone to self publish and easier to find smaller publishing houses that will publish your book for you.

The problem is that some of the very good books that are being published by small presses and individuals are not getting the recognition that some of them deserve. There are stories of people sending classic novels to large publishing houses to see if they even read manuscripts submitted by unknown authors, only to find them returned with a rejection letter. It is very difficult for an unknown author to be able to get their work noticed by any of the big publication houses. For this reason, many people are choosing to publish their own novel rather than compete with noted authors who are on contract for serious money to produce books for larger publishing houses.

So how does an unknown author who has published his or her first book by use of small press or self publishing get noticed? One way is to use a book review company. A book review has two purposes – it will give the reader a taste of what the book is about and why they should buy it and also recommend the book. Both of them steer the reader of the book review into buy the book.

A book review company will be able to let others know what the book is about. Even if your book is listed online in a prominent place, people will want to know what the book is about before they buy the book. Also, because a book review company will give a favorable review of the book, this will add to the marketing plan.
Books are not like other products as no two are a like. This makes them tough to market. Book reviews are the primary source of book marketing but it can be tough for a self published author to get their book reviewed by the New York Times, if not close to impossible. This is why a new author needs the services of a book review company.

Michelle Spoils is a consultant and author. Find out more by visiting

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