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First Blood Author Releases New Novel Exclusively Through Kindle

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Kindle makes another coup. David Morrell, author of the book that spawned the Rambo movies has released his new work The Naked Edge through Kindle as an eBook.

Ebooking is gaining strength and stature!

Lauren Coker of CelebrityCafe says:

The New York Times bestselling author of First Blood, the novel that inspired the Rambo movies starring Sylvester Stallone, David Morrell recently released his latest novel.

The Naked Edge is exclusively available for Amazon’s Kindle electronic reader on Tuesday, according to AFP. The new novel is available in the Kindle store for one year, along with nine of Morrell’s previous works, for $9.99 or less.

“Publishing these 10 books in the Kindle Store is a great opportunity to explore how electronic publishing enables me to give my readers additional, unique content,” Morrell said in a statement.

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  1. I'd never thought about the connotation of Kindle until I read this article today. Amazon has fired up the writing and the reading population!

    Comment by Frances Jeanne — 09/16/2010 @ 7:26 am | Reply

  2. Jeanne, Kindle (as well as other eReaders) has actually inspired more kids & adults to read more! Cool thing.Gadgetry and new cool toys are having a positive teaching effect on all of us it seems…

    Comment by John Austin — 09/16/2010 @ 7:32 am | Reply

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