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Current Publishing News Hither and Yon

I just love that phrase “Hither and Yon”and have fond memories of the old song Hither, Thither and Yon sung by the great Brook Benton! Ahhh, memories!
Anyway, a little fresh-off-the-press news from Publishers Weekly from here and there RE:

Barnes & Noble and the Riggio family (read my previous posts on the Board of Directors positions fight b/t the Riggio family and Ron Burkle and More details at link below.

RoyaltyShare Adds Price Monitoring for publishers to track prices charged by online retailers under the agency model (make sure they are charging the price YOU set)…AND discount prices retailers charge under the retail model. More details at link below.

Get additional info on above and more publishing industry briefs at


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  1. Ron Burkle Sucks everything he touches turns to dodo. Just Google Ron Burkle Sucks. this is the product Ron Burkle, Stephen F. Bollenbach, Bruce Karatz, Wendy Marlett, Wendy C. Shiba, Kelly Masuda, Timothy Finchem, Robert L. Johnson, Luis G. Nogales, Timothy W. Finchem, Jeffrey T. Mezger, Kenneth M. Jastrow II, Melissa Lora, Michael G. McCaffery, Leslie Moonves, Glen Barnard, William R. Hollinger, Thomas Norton and John Staines all built as the KB Home Board of Directors. They are posing to ruin more companies and lives. All of them ignore your customer complaints and violate KB Homes 1979 FTC Consent order. The order states KB Must BUY BACK YOUR HOME if your not 100% satisfied. The problem is no one in the Government is making KB Home accountable? Why should you pay taxes if the system is broken.

    Comment by LemonMeister — 11/12/2010 @ 2:50 pm | Reply

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