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The Making of a Book Publisher

How does one come to be an independent publisher? What training have they had? Must they have? Do they need any training? What winds of fate shake the magic dust on an individual that knights him/her with the commitment to publish inspirational works (admittedly subjective) by others?

Dave Newhouse, Oakland Tribune columnist, describes the circumstances of fate that drove one such person to take the plunge in this tumultuous publishing environment:

Newhouse: A Rose blooming in publishing

A ROSE IS A ROSE is Naomi Rose (pictured in her tiny one room writing-publishing office), a courageous woman who’s seeking to blossom as a neophyte independent book publisher in the age of the Internet.

With book sales dropping and book stores closing, this Rose of Oakland is one brave 65-year-old, who hopes for a book that will pay her office overhead.

Her first release by Rose Press is “Healing Civilization” by Claudio Naranjo, which blends perfectly with her plan to publish books that deal with healing.

“Do I think of myself as courageous?” she said. “I don’t feel that way very often. Periodically, I say, ‘What have I got myself into?’ It seems so difficult and expensive. Some people were wonderful, some people were not wonderful.

“There are so many pieces to it. But it’s the inspirational part of publishing that keeps me going. I keep reinspiring myself.”

Naomi Rose is her business name. She was born Naomi Rose Berton in New York City, and now is married to Ralph Dranow, 71, a former journalist and poet who works with potential biographers and memoirists.

Rose’s parents were writers, so she majored in English literature at City College of New York before earning a masters in her major at the University of Connecticut. But it all seemed so preordained.

“I was sort of in a drifting stage,” she said last week in her tiny one-room writing-publishing office in Oakland near the Emeryville border. “I was feeling like I had one foot in the real world.”

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John’s Note: God bless Naomi’s entrepreneurial spirit and good luck and fortune in her journey!


  1. Hi John,

    I just found your blog by Googling my own Rose Press Facebook page (I’d forgotten the URL). What a lovely surprise! I’m honored that you’d give your blog space and attention to this (admittedly very flattering) article that Dave Newhouse wrote in the Oakland Tribune last December.

    Your comment about my courage and adventurousness makes my heart glad. I guess I’d have to say, at this point, that it’s true. I didn’t recognize it early on because I was just too (a) ignorant of publishing, and (b) nervous. Both may still be somewhat true, but at least now I have the foundation of some wonderful books under me, and getting them into the world is something I fully believe in. So I take the next steps. I guess that’s what courage is.

    Thank you again for featuring my work and Rose Press, here. Much appreciated.

    Comment by Naomi Rose — 03/24/2011 @ 2:16 pm | Reply

  2. Naomi, you’re quite welcome! I feel you deserve mucho success and have a feeling it is coming your way…

    Comment by gator1965 — 03/24/2011 @ 3:22 pm | Reply

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