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All About E-Readers!

E-Readers are taking the lead!

If you want the REAL skinny…and I mean the deep down, nit-pickin, buck-naked,  microcosmic skinny…on e-readers, then I have the resource for you!

Goodereader has been in business for one and a half years as of today and performs detailed, hands-on testing, reviews, previews and tutorials on their site…which boasts a blog and a forum for users to get and give information as well as solve problems.

All in all a very worthwhile site to experience.

At Good e-Reader we are the leading authority on e-Readers and Tablet PC‘s! We do tons of hands on reviews, previews, videos and tutorials on our Blog! If you just got a e-reader or thinking about buying one, start your journey off with Good e-Reader.”

More details here from this PRWeb press release through the San Francisco Chronicle SFGate:

(PRWEB) March 12, 2011

Today Goodereader is celebrating their first full year and a half Anniversary being in business! Their Website and Blog is considered by many to be the leading online destination for industry professionals to find out the latest news on Digital Publishing, eBooks, Tablet PC‘s, e-Readers and Multi-Media content.

Good e-Reader first opened their doors October 2009 and since then has pioneered original content on their official Blog. Often they are updating it on average six to nine times per day with the help of Public Relations firms and major companies giving them essential industry information.

Their Blog writing staff on Good e-Reader has grown in leaps and bounds! They started with a staff of two people writing daily articles and has exploded to over 10 full and part time contributing authors and a full time editor. Having many different writers certainly adds a unique perspective to the various subjects the authors cover.

Not only does the blog feature written content, but Good e-Reader leads all of the tech blogs online with comprehensive hands on reviews in Audio and Video formats. Often many times a week the company is reviewing new E-Readers, Tablets and new Books. The Company’s Youtube channel has grown by over 150 review videos in just one year. They also do a series of podcasts entitled the Good e-Reader Radio Show. These audio podcasts are available both on their website and on iTunes.

Read and learn more

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