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Autopsy of Lawyer Writers … And Legal Thrillers

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I have always been enthralled by legal thrillers …  and all the associated cat and mouse games, perfect and imperfect crimes, deductive reasoning mazes and courtroom dramas.

And much of the best of this genre is written by actual lawyers who had good story ideas from personal experiences … but had to learn how to become good writers.

Here is an insight  into how the legal beagles became good writers; a podcast transcript by Stephanie Francis Ward presented in the ABA (American Bar Association) Journal:

Thrill of the Case: Publishing a Legal Bestseller

Great books often come from incredible experiences, and many lawyers have more than a few.  But don’t get your hopes up, says noted lawyer and literary representative Robert Barnett.  With those experiences must come great story-telling skills, and a determination to shape the idea into a manuscript.  In a podcast moderated by Stephanie Francis Ward, he discusses options for literary-dreaming lawyers with Jonathan Karp, the executive vice president and publisher of Simon & Schuster, and Hillel Italie, who covers publishing for the Associated Press.


Robert B. Barnett Robert B. Barnett, a partner with Williams & Connolly, represents high-profile authors in his practice. The Washington, D.C., lawyer’s clients include Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.
Hillel Italie Hillel Italie, who works for the Associated Press, has served as the news organization’s publishing writer since 1998.
Jonathan Karp Jonathan Karp is the executive vice president and publisher of Simon & Schuster. A former book editor, the works he has acquired and edited include Thank You for Smoking, by Christopher Buckley, What Should I Do With My Life?, by Po Bronson and The Orchid Thief, by Susan Orlean.

Podcast Transcript:

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