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A Podcast that Educates Writers How to Self-Publish in the “New Frontier” of Digital Publishing

My last post introduced Sean Platt and David Wright, the kings of ebook serialization. Well, they have teamed with Johnny B. Truant, a popular  blogger/writer/publisher, to do a weekly podcast that teaches writers the ins and outs of  how to make a full-time living self-publishing from fiction to nonfiction 🙂

This from PRWeb:

Self Publishing Podcast Helps Writers Achieve Their Publication Dreams in the High-Potential Kindle and eBook Age

Popular blogger Johnny B. Truant and self publishing “Kings of the Serial” Sean Platt and David Wright have launched a podcast aimed at educating writers on how to self-publish in the “new frontier” of digital publishing.

Self publishing is accessible to everyone, and the podcast helps savvy, hard-working writers learn how they can make full-time livings from fiction to nonfiction – something that was close to impossible before the eBook age.

“Digital publishing, through Kindle and other e-formats, hasn’t just revolutionized self publishing; it’s revolutionized all publishing,” said Truant. “Even established authors are now turning to this model and away from old-school publishing deals. And why not? Traditional publishers pay authors around 15% of a book’s sale price and hardly do any publicity, widespread distribution, or marketing for anyone other than their blockbuster clients. If those publishers are really only adding overhead, why not do it yourself? Why not build your own audience, spread the word yourself through the tools available on the Internet, and make 70% royalties while retaining total creative control?”

The trio launched the new podcast, located at, in mid April. Born from a desire to help others achieve the success they were achieving themselves, Wright, Platt, and Truant decided a weekly podcast packed with advice, best practices, and interviews with experts would help others avoid the trial and error they’d had when publishing their own work – primarily on Amazon’s Kindle e-Book platform, but also on others like Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store and the Kobo platform, which is popular in Europe.

“Self-publishing used to be expensive and ineffective, but also relatively straightforward,” said Wright. “You paid someone to publish your books, you stored them in your garage, and then you traveled around and tried to sell them. It’s completely different today. The best platforms are digital. Anyone can publish with very little out-of-pocket expense and be exposed instantly to millions of potential buyers. But now it’s trickier too, and you’ll never sell to those millions if you don’t put the pieces together correctly.”

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