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A New Publishing Model — Result of the E-Book Revolution

Interested in a new publishing model? One that will give you advance indications of quality and interest? With the avalanche of new, available, digital material out there — one can get confused as to which to invest time and money in.

Damn — warp speed, digital tech and the internet has overwhelmed us (me, at least) with information overload that translates into decision overload and breakdown

Anthony Horvath, the founder of Bard and Book Publishing, has come up with an interesting (but not entirely new) idea. His model focuses on building a community of readers around a small group of authors. He made an insightful statement :

“The future of publishing can be summed up in one word: community.”

Now, the need for building a following (community) and relationships on today’s NET for successful business is not really new — but, as Anthony is applying this concept to a publishing venture versus individual writers, say, seeking sales for their books may indeed be kind of new. Especially if he has established somewhat of a follow-on distribution system for those books that get a passing grade from the initial community.

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New Publishing Company Turns Gutenberg Press on its Head in Ebook Revolution

Bard and Book Publishing announced the launch of a new publishing model that is only possible because of the ebook revolution but is poised to take that revolution even further. Instead of trying to sell as many copies of a book before it is even released, Bard and Book focuses on building a community of readers around a small group of authors.

Bard and Book’s website is The community receives free access to short stories, poems, and other created pieces. Community favorites will be considered for print distribution, taking some risk out of the equation for the publisher by ensuring that a book has appeal before investing in it.

“If Gutenberg had invented the ebook and print-on-demand technology instead of the printing press, the current publishing model would have never arisen,” says Anthony Horvath, the founder of Bard and Book publishing. But the digital revolution, while giving publishers a headache and opening doors for creators, has complicated things for readers.

Horvath explains, “The ‘digital press’ puts thousands of new works into the marketplace monthly, forcing readers to find new ways to identify quality content. For better or for worse, the fact that a publisher was willing to take on an author used to serve as a ‘short cut’ for readers trying to determine if a new book was worth their time. This sorting mechanism is no longer available for them.”

He asserts: “The future of publishing can be summed up in one word: community.”

In that spirit, Bard and Book has gathered together seven authors and is building a community of readers around them.

The community allows subscribers to read free ebooks, although free members can only read new titles for a short time after they are released. A small monthly fee lifts that limitation. This fee is the primary way the authors are compensated.

Horvath argues that the old model emerged naturally from the steep costs related to printing and distributing books. Publishers were not willing to pay those costs unless they had a reasonable expectation that they would get a return on their investment. However, just because something sells, he says, that doesn’t mean the book was worth reading.

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