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A New Way of Dealing with a Changing Publishing World

International Publishing is finding new ways

Whenever technology has been embraced in the past by the international community it has resulted in the world getting almost immediately smaller and closer together — little by little. It’s like the world has been melding into one country with the existing countries becoming  more like cities in the new international country.

Result: barriers of all kinds have been falling away. Barriers in publishing are also falling away.

Example: Instead of foreign publishers selling the international rights to U.S. publishers to sell their books in this country, they are translating and releasing the books directly to U.S. consumers and saving the associated costs.

This interesting little ditty comes from Publishers’ Weekly:

Dutch Publisher Goes DIY

Marking yet another example of an international publisher releasing titles direclty in the U.S.,Netherlands house Arbeiderspers/A.W. Bruna Publishers’ is releasing the book and iPad appEarned Attention.

“This a huge project,” said The Arbeiderspers/A.W. Bruna Publishers’ digital publisher Timo Boezeman. “It is also a new way of dealing with a changing publishing world. Instead of trying to sell the rights to international publishers, we decided to do it ourselves.”

Boezeman called Earned Attention a “very practical marketing book.” Along with the print title, consumers will also be able to access an iPhone app (free, it contains 50 audio interviews); a blog (it features new stories that are complementary to the book); and an iPad app (which costs $4.99 and combines all the aforementioned elements). The iPad app also includes hundreds of interactive links, the possibility to add post-it notes on every page and more.

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