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New Self-Publishing Technology Good for Writers AND Also for Agents and Publishers!

Fly The Friendly Skies Of Self-Publishing! ... Destination: Traditional Publishing.

How is this possible, you ask? Simply put, because the indie writer who self-publishes … and establishes a following of sorts …  is more of a likely moneymaker than a completely unknown lingering in a slush pile with only a query letter, right?

After all, with a self-published writer, the agents and publishers have an actual sample of the creator’s work and not just their 2 minute written sales pitch.

And just where can agents and publishers go to track self-published work? One place is … I suspect that many more such sites will be available in the future … BUT, they will have to go a long way to beat this fine tracking/research site.

Amy Edelman, founder of, has this to say in the Huffington Post:

Indie eBooks: The Gateway “Drug” to Traditional Publishing

Gone are the days when a writer had to spend hours hunched over a stack of query letters, only to have their hopes dashed months later with the arrival of an unsigned form letter.

Today, thanks entirely to the creation of the e-reader (yay Jeff Bezos!), there’s no longer a need for authors to deal with middle men. For less than what it costs to buy a book, an author can jump directly to the end game: formatting their titles, uploading them to a sales site and finding actual readers.

And while some writers choose to go indie and stay indie, there are many more who are interested in seeing how the other half live. It is for this group especially that e-books are so important, as they have essentially become a “gateway drug,” enabling successful indie authors to stroll down the path into the welcoming arms of traditional publishers.

In spite of what’s being reported otherwise, the new technology is not just good news for writers; it’s also making things easier for agents and publishers. Rather than slogging through a slush pile–only to take the chance on an unknown, untested entity–signing an indie author who has already developed a following is pretty much a no-brainer.

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