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Publishing Espionage, Continued

Ahhh, the dark world of publishing espionage is getting downright dizzying!

After filing a lawsuit against McGraw-Hill (refer to my post of 9/28/10 More on Publishing Espionage), Reed Business Information publishers (RBI) has had a lawsuit filed against itself for “misconduct” by another construction information publisher, BidClerk Inc.

Even more from FOLIO magazine’s Jason Fell:

The proverbial table has been turned for Reed Business Information. Following a suit its Reed Construction Data unit brought against rival McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge, the publisher is now facing a lawsuit brought against it by construction information service provider BidClerk Inc.

According to the complaint, filed in Minnesota U.S. District Court, BidClerk alleges that a series of “denial of services” attacks were directed against its online system, flooding it with “millions of page views.” It also alleges that a “click fraud’” scheme aimed at BidClerk’s paid advertisements generated “hundreds of thousands” of invalid clicks and impressions on its ads.

BidClerk claims the attacks originated from an IP address belonging to RBI. Meanwhile, RBI denies BidClerk’s allegations that it, or any of its employees, “intentionally engaged in internet activity designed to harm BidClerk.” It says it will “vigorously” defend itself against these claims.

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