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I Sold First Copy Of My Story! (Faint)

Oooh Boy, a landmark! I am now a published author who has made a buck from his writing.

As eluded to in earlier posts, I am tracking my progress on trying to sell an eBook on-line at zero cost. My first sale came on 23 July 2009 from a listing I had on eBay. The sale came after being listed on eBay for approx. 30 days (involved several re-lists as the free listing is for limited time). Persistence pays.

The buyer was NOT the first person who asked about the book on eBay but was a person who had a connection with the locale of the story. I received a positive feedback from this buyer (liked the story and wants to read the rest of the larger novel!) so, hopefully, a word-of-mouth will be initiated that will generate future sales!


I Got A Nibble!

I got a question on Ebay regarding my book today! 26 days and two re-lists later. Not a sale yet, but an interest shown and a “watcher” bidder on Ebay. I feel like celebrating!

The question: “What is this? A book, CD, DVD, online data, what???? Thank you in advance. Bill”

Answer: “It’s a downloadable ebook in PDF format. So you can get it immediately!”

I just hope that Ebay doesn’t make me sell this as a CD and not allow me to sell it as an ebook…

Have a lot to learn yet, BUT, today I have re-learned that patience is something that a newbie marketeer MUST possess.

Stay tuned to see if I can learn to sell half-way successfully with a zero budget.

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