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What is a Publicist?

The Small Publishers of North America has some excellent information on reviews and marketing books. The following is another partial extract from their fine site :

A Publicist is a person who represents your book to the media. This can be very helpful to small publishers. Having a professional publicist makes the media take you more seriously than if you were representing yourself. Most publicists insist on a 6 month commitment for a set fee. Mailings, long distance and many other charges are billed separately. There are some publicists who charge a per-hour fee. They are hard to find.

Publicists send out press releases, press kits and sometimes books for reviews. They also work to get you and your book media coverage.

There are many publicists and range of costs. The following John Kremer link contains a comprehensive list of publicists and PR companies:

The Midwest Book Review site also is chock full of book marketing and media publicity info:

A publicist can be costly, but can more than cover their fee PLUS make you thousands more if you get a good one. I will be researching publicists more for the next post. Do they have a professional organization/s ? Do they have a code of ethics ? And more on publicists’ costs and contracts…Stay tuned.

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