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Dueling Bookstores – High Noon in Westhampton Beach

I could NOT BELIEVE that some of the residents of this small village of Westhampton Beach, New York (approx. 2000 population without tourists) could behave with such malicious, hateful behavior over a second indie bookstore opening in their town…

It’s nice to be loyal to an existing owner, but damn, educated people do NOT go into a new book store and stick gum between the pages of new books! They all should be charged to the max for willful destruction of property and anything else the authorities can throw at them! Makes you wonder what these idiots have been reading lately?

Julie Bosman wrote this in the New York Times about the dueling bookstores:

Ever since Books & Books opened its doors on Main Street here last month, it has missed out on some of the adulation usually reserved for new independent bookstores in the age of Amazon.

Several storeowners nearby have ordered their staffs not to shop there. Indignant older women have marched inside the bookstore to yell at employees. And someone, or perhaps several someones, may have sneakily placed used chewing gum between the pages of new books.

The animosity seems to have stemmed from the fact that Books & Books moved in when there was already an independent bookstore, the Open Book, around the corner. And as some people saw it, there was no room for another one.

Terry Lucas, a librarian and the owner of the Open Book, which she founded in 1999, said Books & Books is on a course to put her already struggling store out of business.

The dueling bookstores have caused a bit of summer drama in this quiet, laid-back town on the south fork of Long Island, where much of the commercial activity happens on Main Street, a tidy stretch lined with restaurants, real estate offices and boutiques.

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