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Will Authors Bypass Publishers In The Future ?

I have previously hit on this subject in past posts and find that Mike Shatzkin (The Shatzkin Files) also feels that authors will exercise more control over the publishing process in the near future (it’s beginning already!).

Partial excerpt from the 25 Nov 2009 posting on The Shatzkin Files:

“We have observed previously that the day will likely come when Big Authors will go straight to electronic distribution for some ebooks, bypassing the publishers to collect bigger royalties. What could be the first shot of that battle, and a reflection of the ideas in this post as well, may have been fired in the UK where Sony has announced a special edition James Patterson ebook which will contain the new book, “Cross Country”, a month before its general release plus other excerpts and a special letter from James Patterson. Of course, that deal was probably made by the publisher with Patterson’s cooperation, but it points to possibilities that should make publishers nervous.

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