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Reader’s Digest Takes Center Stage with New Products

Readers Digest (RD), having emerged from Chapter 11 last February, is rolling out new print AND online products to grow and , hopefully, prosper in the 21st century!

Read my previous posts on the RD dilemma for background: RD Morphing into 24 New Products, RD Association(RDA) Emerges from Chapter 11 and RD, Playboy and Others Miss Rate Base

Readers Digest is 88 years old (that’s even older than I am!) and it’s editorial insight and expertise is unsurpassed! Not to mention the extremely relevant cutting edge humor. I wish them all the success in the world…and then some…

Matthew Flamm, writing for Caine’s New York Business, has these details:

Reader’s Digest gambles on new products

The venerable company is rolling out several mobile products next month, as well as a new brand, Best You, which will target women over 35 with e-mails, magazines and books.

The 88-year-old brand, which previewed a coming overhaul in September, will debut a slew of new online and print products next month. First up is Best You, a brand launching Jan. 6, the New York City-based Reader’s Digest Association Inc. announced on Tuesday.

Best You, which will target women 35 and older, will include a free daily e-newsletter, a series of newsstand-only magazines and a new book imprint, all focused on health and wellness subjects. The imprint’s first title will be Le Personal Coach, by French trainer Valerie Orsoni.

Reader’s Digest had initially planned to roll out a Best You magazine last March, but cut back on plans for that title and others following the continued weakness of the economy and the company’s bankruptcy filing last summer. The publisher emerged from bankruptcy in February.

A new Reader’s Digest will also debut next month when the redesigned magazine hits newsstands Jan. 18. In a money-saving strategy that the company describes as going back to its roots as a content curator, the 10-times-a-year title will mostly consist of stories that have already appeared elsewhere.

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