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Are Books and Digital Publishing Mutually Exclusive?

Of course not. Books are books no matter what form they take. The media chosen for presentation doesn’t change the story or content…and content is king!

The absolutely engaging children’s book author, founder of new media publishing company Brand Nu Words AND a senior vice president of the Jamestown Project (a think tank focusing on democracy), Charisse Carney-Nunes, expresses some concern with newer media but shows an accceptance of the inevitable changes.

Charisse brings up some legitimate concerns in this article for NewsOne for Black America:

The bedtime story is one of the most sacred of childhood rituals. We curl up on our parents’ laps, snuggle up with our blankets and velveteen bunnies, as we listen, follow along with our fingertips, and eventually sound out the words of our favorite stories.

A famous publisher and author of children’s books, Emilie Buchwald, said that “children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” We know this to be true, because for generations, this is how we learned and taught our own children to read. When it was illegal to teach Black people how to read in this country, our forefathers and foremothers got their hands on books, by any means necessary, so that their children might learn to read and have a better life. How will the next and future generations adapt to this world of iPads, electronic media, and, yes, even blogs like the one you’re reading?

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