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Magazines: Going From Dimensional to Digital

This post is about the first D2D (Dimensional to Digital) Conference sponsored by the Magazine Publishers of America (MPA). This conference will examine in detail the magazine industry’s problems with transitioning from paper to digital across a multi-channel and multi-device world AND monetizing in the new mediae as well!

Extremely interesting! Folks in journalism listen up…


RAMP CEO to discuss use of metadata for magazine publishers’ online initiatives at Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) event in NYC on 16 June 2010.

John’s Note: Metadata is loosely defined as data about data. Though this definition is easy to remember, it is not very precise. The strength of this definition is in recognizing that metadata is data. As such, metadata can be stored and managed in a database, often called a registry or repository. However, it is impossible to identify metadata just by looking at it. We don’t know when data is metadata or just data.[1] Metadata is a concept that applies mainly to electronically archived data and is used to describe the a) definition, b)structure and c) administration of data files with all contents in context to ease the use of the captured and archived data for further use. Web pages often include metadata in the form of meta tags.

RAMP, the industry’s leading Content Optimization platform for major online media publishers, announced today that RAMP CEO, Tom Wilde, will be a featured speaker at the Dimensional to Digital (D2D) conference organized by the Magazine Publishers of America on June 16 to discuss digital platforms and publishing for the magazine industry.

The panel entitled- “Metadata Rules: The Rules for Making Metadata the Currency of Digital Content”, will be held at 9:25 am at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th Street, New York City.

Other featured panelists are: Chris Grosso, SVP, Emerging Digital Business, NBC Universal; Nate Treloar, Principal Search Technology Evangelist, Microsoft; and Seth Earley, President, Earley & Associates.

About RAMP

RAMP is an advanced Content Optimization SaaS (Software as as Service) platform providing publishers’ workflow, discovery and engagement solutions to drive monetization of online content to users’ search and browsing behavior. RAMP offers publishers an open, flexible and modular capability to optimize large amounts of content, including text, audio, video and images, within dynamic publishing environments. As a result, publishers’ content becomes positioned for discovery and precise targeting, both on search engines and within publishers’ own websites. RAMP maximizes the value of publishers’ content while reducing costs.

Leading publishers using RAMP include NBCU, FOXNews, DowJones, Meredith, Comcast, and others. For more information visit:, or contact us at

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