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New Online Tools Make E-Book Self-Publishing Easier :)

Just one of the new self-publishing tools

Self-publishing has become easier and easier over the last few years. As well as the distribution, marketing and formatting processes across all platforms, including the increasingly important mobiles.

So, a little revisit to self-publishing tonight is in order with some good links to new tool resources and a video.

This insight from Dana Dean   of KSDK in Missouri:

Tools for self-publishing e-books

St. Louis (KSDK/USA TODAY) — If you ever thought about writing a book, but didn’t know how to get published, now you can do it yourself.

It’s now easier to self-publish an e-book thanks to new online tools. You don’t need many technical skills and it won’t cost a lot of money either.

Our partner USA TODAY researched new tools for self-publishing e-books. They found several, ranging in price. These new online tools let you upload your books to Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Nobles Nook, Apple’s iPad, and Sony’s E-reader.

A company called Red Staple has a self-service online tool that starts at $30. Folium Book Studio has a tool for $99. Apple’s iBooks Author is a free software app.

One romance author averaged $2,000 a month in royalties. And one mystery writer says his royalties for the month of January were $60,000 for eight previously published but now out-of-print novels that he sold on Amazon.

USA TODAY tech reporter Jefferson Graham interviewed authors who say self-publishing an e-book is easy.

“What isn’t going to be easy is selling,” said Graham.  “I interviewed authors who have a following who worked their social media. And the guy who made $60,000 dollars is a mystery writer. Mysteries are the best selling genre out there. So, he’s got a ready audience. I think if you and I went out and threw stuff up there, it’s not going to move. We’re going to work to move it.”

You can find tools here:

For more information, visit the original USA TODAY article.

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