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What would it be worth to you to visit sites and just read the real content you’re interested in without all the ads, announcements, etc.? AND have this content delivered in a straightforward, easily readable format? AND still allow for the compensation of the authors of the great content you are most interested in (so they will continue to produce what you like the most)?

Distraction-free, absolutely-absorbing reading sounds great, no? Well it is now possible through a new service called the Readability Project…A service formed by two well established companies: Readability and Instapaper.

David Chartier, Macworld , has more details:

Sustaining a publishing business on the Internet can be a tricky, as many readers expect content for free and adopt tools to strip out advertising. In an attempt to move things forward, two stand-out services–Readability and Instapaper–have announced plans for a new service that makes it easy for readers to compensate their favorite sites.

If you’ve never heard of Readability, it’s a service that strips away everything from a Webpage except for the content you want to read. It’s a lot like the increasingly popular Instapaper, except it works in your desktop browser on the current page you’re reading. A point of contention, however, has been that some of the content Readability (and Instapaper) strips away includes ads–one of the few online revenue sources available to publishers.

This is why the new Readability Project is so interesting. It’s a service that allows you to pay a monthly fee of your choosing to Readability, which is then dispersed between the sites you visit based on the number of articles you read. The minimum payment is $5 per month, but you can pay more if you want (for what it’s worth, I’ve already signed up at $10 to test the waters). “You get a fantastic reading experience,” Readability’s site explains. “Publishers and writers get compensated for the content you enjoy.”

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