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‘Go the F— to Sleep’ the Children’s Book for Adults

AND, how piracy helped propel a short, humorous, honest story into the stratosphere of Amazon best-seller success…Even before it’s release date!

This from by David Zax

How Viral PDFs Of A Naughty Bedtime Book Exploded The Old Publishing Model

The party line on piracy is that it’s bad for business. But what to make of the case of “Go the Fuck to Sleep,” the “children’s book for adults” whose viral-pirate PDF launched the book to the number-one spot on a month before its release?

Something remarkable happened today. A children’s book hit the No. 1 spot on’s best-seller list. And it did so a month before the book is even slated for release.

You may have heard of the book–it’s a best-seller after all. Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach, began its life as a joke Facebook post in June. It was a particularly trying instance of bedtime with his 2-year-old daughter, and Mansbach let off some steam in the form of a humorous status update to his friends: “Look out for my forthcoming children’s book, ‘Go the — to Sleep.’ ”

The response from his friends was so fierce that Mansbach decided to make his joke book a real one. Go the Fuck to Sleep, which he bills as a “children’s book for adults,” will hit stores on June 14, published by the Brooklyn press Akashic. If it’s not even due for a month, though, how did a little 32-page book already snag a film option deal with Fox 2000 and, today, reach the pinnacle of online publishing commerce world?

The answer appears to be piracy.

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