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Pricing Digital Editions: Finding the Sweet Spot

Several times in this blog, I have discussed print versus digital format in various aspects re books. Pricing was one of those aspects. How to arrive at a price for your digital versions when many were given away in the beginning of digital availability due to low cost of production, no warehousing, no printing costs, etc. AND promotion of a new media format.

Now, creative content & artistry have to be considered for payment to be fair to the authors whose work appears in digital format…regardless of the lower costs of manufacturing, storage & delivery.

If the publishers’ profit margin decreases due to a loss of paper-printed word, the profit margins also have to be shored up in order to have sufficient resources to pay content writers/authors a fair price for creating.

Magazines, as well as books, are also coming out with digital versions and so face the same dilemma in finding a perfect digital price…One that is lower than hardcover but still high enough to pay a good price to contributors & produce viable profit margins.

Vanessa Voltolina wrote an informative article in the Oct, 2009 FOLIO: magazine, the magazine for magazine management, addressing this very subject …

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