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All About E-Readers!

E-Readers are taking the lead!

If you want the REAL skinny…and I mean the deep down, nit-pickin, buck-naked,  microcosmic skinny…on e-readers, then I have the resource for you!

Goodereader has been in business for one and a half years as of today and performs detailed, hands-on testing, reviews, previews and tutorials on their site…which boasts a blog and a forum for users to get and give information as well as solve problems.

All in all a very worthwhile site to experience.

At Good e-Reader we are the leading authority on e-Readers and Tablet PC‘s! We do tons of hands on reviews, previews, videos and tutorials on our Blog! If you just got a e-reader or thinking about buying one, start your journey off with Good e-Reader.”

More details here from this PRWeb press release through the San Francisco Chronicle SFGate:

(PRWEB) March 12, 2011

Today Goodereader is celebrating their first full year and a half Anniversary being in business! Their Website and Blog is considered by many to be the leading online destination for industry professionals to find out the latest news on Digital Publishing, eBooks, Tablet PC‘s, e-Readers and Multi-Media content.

Good e-Reader first opened their doors October 2009 and since then has pioneered original content on their official Blog. Often they are updating it on average six to nine times per day with the help of Public Relations firms and major companies giving them essential industry information.

Their Blog writing staff on Good e-Reader has grown in leaps and bounds! They started with a staff of two people writing daily articles and has exploded to over 10 full and part time contributing authors and a full time editor. Having many different writers certainly adds a unique perspective to the various subjects the authors cover.

Not only does the blog feature written content, but Good e-Reader leads all of the tech blogs online with comprehensive hands on reviews in Audio and Video formats. Often many times a week the company is reviewing new E-Readers, Tablets and new Books. The Company’s Youtube channel has grown by over 150 review videos in just one year. They also do a series of podcasts entitled the Good e-Reader Radio Show. These audio podcasts are available both on their website and on iTunes.

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Publishers Bet on "Enhanced" Textbooks for the Digital Future

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Sarah Weinman of Daily Finance has written an excellent article on what a significant player enhanced digital books will be in the future educational world. The increased visual and audio interaction coming in textbooks will be immediately wondrous and engrossing to students.

By Sarah Weinman:
The publishing industry is chockablock with jargon, but one word we’re going to hear a whole lot more of over the next few months and years is “enhanced.” After all, as the world increasingly goes digital, stand-alone texts may not be enough to justify pricey new gadgets, be they e-readers, smartphones or tablets like Apple’s (AAPL) iPad. That’s apparently the rationale behind the investment of $2.5 million in seed funding in Vook, a company specializing in multimedia-enhanced books, by a group of backers including Huffington Post Chairman Ken Lerer.

Enhanced books may provide a method for textbook companies to make money on new digital editions at a time when the rental-book market appears to be booming faster than the e-book one, as I reported on DailyFinance last week. So get ready for DynamicBooks, a subsidiary of Macmillan that promises a more interactive textbook experience.

As The New York Times reported Monday morning, DynamicBooks aims to deliver textbooks Wikipedia-style, allowing college instructors to edit, modify, add video and pictures to, and rewrite chapters or paragraphs of textbooks as they see fit — all without consulting the original authors. “Basically they will go online, log on to the authoring tool, have the content right there and make whatever changes they want,” Macmillan president Brian Napack told the newspaper. “And we don’t even look at it.”

Digital textbooks will be much cheaper than print editions — the e-book edition of Psychology will sell for $48.76, a far better deal than the list price of $134.29. And there’s some financial incentive for the instructors, too: According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, “for each customized copy that a student buys, the professor who contributed the material gets a dollar.” Changes made by professors would be clearly noted in the text.

But Will They Sign Up?

Macmillan’s partnership with Dynamic Books joins a number of other enhanced-textbook alliances, such as McGraw-Hill’s (MHP) Connect, WileyPlus from John Wiley & Sons (JW.A), Follett Higher Education Group’s CafeScribe, and Flat World Knowledge, which charges for print editions but gives away digital versions for free. In theory, where Dynamic Books will differ from its rivals is that it will allow other publishers to upload their own textbooks onto the service, so long as Macmillan gets an 18% markup.

In practice, that hasn’t happened yet, and it remains to be seen if other publishers will sign on to a competitor’s service when they’d have to pay extra for the privilege, and when the existing consortium, CourseSmart, may not be subject to the additional service fees.

Another unanswered issue is how instructor modifications will be regulated. The $1 cut each instructor could make for every DynamicBook bought was defended by the company’s general manager, who said that “only professors who make significant changes in a book will qualify for payment.” But that in turn raises larger questions of whether personal agendas or misinformation will make their way into the enhanced editions. As Neil Comins, co-author of the astronomy textbook Discovering the Universe, told The New York Times, if an accepted change contradicted basic scientific tenets — like putting a creationist slant on the universe’s origins — “I would absolutely, positively be livid.”

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