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Xlibris Corporation Announces the Launch of its eAdvantage Publishing Package

How about a way to self-publish your book automatically in all the latest e-reader formats, have it distributed by the six largest ePublishing retailers, have ability to custom design the interior and exterior (cover) AND FURTHER, have your book featured in the Google Search Engine marketing component! (I think Google pretty much happens for you for free when you self-publish on your own anyway).

Xlibris Corporation says it does this very thing through it’s eAdvantage publishing package.

Pretty damn good, eh? I think this could be a good thing…depending on the up-front costs, which I can’t determine over the week-end…But, there is an “800” phone number given below
that you can call later and get all the relevent info.

I DO know that you can get your books advertised on Smashwords that offer downloads in all the e-reader formats FOR FREE…but, you have to pretty much do your own advertising…I just don’t know, at this point, what exact value Xlibris offers. Xlibris is a subsidiary of Author House/Author Solutions (a so-called “vanity” publisher), who hasn’t enjoyed the best rep in the past…but, with self-publishing becoming more acceptable in today’s publishing upheaval, they may just be offering a worthwhile product…Just proceed with caution.

This press release from

Bloomington-based self-publishing pioneer Xlibris Corporation announces the launch of its eAdvantage Publishing Package. This service spells a fresh opportunity for self-published authors wanting to tap into the emerging market of portable eBook readers across the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Figures from the Association of American Publishers, a group of leading book publishers in the US, reported a 176.6% increase in eBook sales amounting to $169.5 million in 2009. The report underscores the growth of the electronic publishing’s share of trade from 1.2% in 2008 to 3.3% in 2009, suggesting a shift in reader’s book-buying preferences.

Xlibris goes on to tap this emerging niche by offering the eAdvantage publishing package for independent authors. The package combines its professional self-publishing services with top of the line marketing services that maximizes an eBook’s availability and visibility online.

Standard package features include a fully customizable book interior layout and cover design services where authors themselves can either work with a professional interior layout and cover design templates or provide their own designs. All published eBooks get the “ePak”, that is automatic distribution to six major electronic publishing retailers in their respective formats: Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes &’s The Nook, Sony Readers and online digital book portals and

Complementing the list of publishing and distribution features is the eAdvantage’s Google Search Engine Marketing component. This allows electronic publishing buyers to find titles using keywords that authors can “bid” on to associate their published works with, thereby boosting their eBook’s visibility online.

Both previously published and unpublished authors can take advantage of eAdvantage’s Author Services Representative who will guide them through the entire publishing process. They can also track their electronic publishing’s progress and sales via the “MyXlibris” tracking interface in the Xlibris website. Published titles get their own book pages within the site with their authors retaining full control of the content. Further, authors get a 50% royalty on every eBook sale paid on a quarterly basis.

For more information on the eAdvantage Publishing Services Package, please visit, e-mail or call at 1-888-795-4274, to receive a free publishing guide.

About Xlibris:
Xlibris was founded in 1997 and, as the leading publishing services provider for authors, has helped to publish more than 25,000 titles. Xlibris is based in Bloomington, IN and provides authors with direct and personal access to quality publication in hardcover, trade paperback, custom leather-bound, and full-color formats.

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