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Dead Sea Scrolls to be Translated and Published Online

I just get swept up and carried away in total intrigue by archaeological discoveries and ancient history! I guess I’m searching to see if our ancestors were as stupid as we are in present day…or if it has been a gradual decline.

From what I can deduce from reading some of the classic philosophers (Plato, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Euclid, Virgil, Aquinas, Bacon and Newton, to name a few), we have been in a constant state of decline! I mean ass-over-brain downward tumbling. Their wisdom and insight outshines anything that masquerades as intelligencia today…AND their stuff was written years and years ago, as we mortals measure time.

It will be of great interest to read the Dead Sea Scrolls when they are published to the internet early next year. I just hope they are translated accurately and completely so we can truthfully envision that particular portion of our vast history.

Matthew Kalman, of, reports the following details:

Sixty years after they were discovered in a cave by a Bedouin shepherd in the West Bank, the Dead Sea Scrolls have been given a new lease of life and will be put online in a new digitized format by the Israel Antiquities Authority and Google.

The scrolls, counted among the most important archeological finds of the modern era, consist of 30,000 separate fragments making up 900 manuscripts of biblical texts and religious writings from the time of Jesus.

Using new infra-red and multi-spectral multi-wavelength imaging, created by the U.S
company MegaVision, previously hidden words and passages not visible in natural light have been discovered during the digitising process, allowing scholars to interpret the texts afresh.

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