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Facebook Recruiting Top Talent Through Acquisitions

For writers wanting to build online platforms for their books and other wares, Facebook has been one of the major social media sites to accomplish that goal…Now, FB is quietly (or not so quietly) stacking their team with innovative “ringers” from the staffs of their numerous, recent buyouts.

Wonder what their agenda is? What do they see coming down the track? Hummmmm…

Let’s hope they don’t get too big to fail…because once in this position companies inevitably get too big for their own britches…and who suffers? We do!

This article from InformationWeek by Antone Gonsalves delves into some of the recent FB acquisitions and the talent acquired:

Facebook has bought Chai Labs, the latest in a string of acquisitions where the company’s talent is at least as important as the technology.

What Chai Labs does is unclear from its website. The company says it has an “in-depth focus on a handful of verticals” and helps web publishers “easily customize and launch scalable, search-friendly sites.”

However, the Mountain View, Calif.-based company was founded by Gokul Rajaram, a former Google AdSense executive. In addition, its investors and advisers include Marc Andreessen, general partner of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and co-founder of now-defunct Netscape Communications; Reid Hoffman, general partner at Greylock Partners and chairman of Linkedin; and Joe Kraus, general partner of Google Ventures.

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