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I Sold Second Copy Of My Story! (Faint, Faint)

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My 9th grade teacher bought a copy of my short memoir story on 1st August 2009. My second sale in a week and a half. I thank her very much for her contribution to my quest for learning and trying totally free internet marketing.

This is a slow process presently; hopefully I can break some kind of a “code” during my quest that will allow sales to pick up! I, and I’m sure many of you, are bombarded by tons of “buy-my-‘Book Blaster System’-and-sell-a-million-books-in-30-days!” However, my research finds 99.9% of these offers are just scams.

Stay tuned for more updates in my experiment in free internet marketing. I wish all my readers a happy and uplifting week!


Book Excerpts–Free On-Line Book Marketing

Well, it’s been a week since my first book sale and my second sale hasn’t come yet! Things sure are slow on the cheap ticket.

But, all this aside, I have found another site that allows you to market your book on-line for free; this one does it by allowing you to offer free excerpts of your book for prospective clients to read. The site has a unique format that lets you publish (show) up to any eight pages of your book.

I am trying this now in addition to the other free listings I have my book, Key West-Erotic Awakenings in Paradise, involved in.

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