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What Do Great Writers Drink?

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I just love people who write neat stuff!

Something a little different today…I was directed to a great post RE the subject at …This is a blog written by Samantha Miller (I would link her here but couldn’t find which Samantha Miller she was)…Anyway, she gives and analyzes online university reviews but delivers so much more…Like resources for college students including where and how to apply for scholarships, grants, government funding, state level student opportunities, overseas studying opportunities, etc, etc, etc.

BUT, this blog site deviates from it’s core-named mission and posts other refined, informative and unique items such as:

– 20 Distinguished Writers and Their Drink of Choice (

– 50 Incredible Books Every Educator Should Read

– 50 Best Blogs for Grammar Geeks

– What You Won’t Learn in Business School: 100 Cutting Edge Blogs

So visit for a unique experience…

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