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Hearst Magazines, iPad, Subscription Data Dispute–‘Bespoke’ Apps May Hold Key

The Hearst magazine empire, which includes more than 200 titles worldwide…including Cosmopolitan, Esquire, O ( The Oprah Magazine) among others in the U.S. …has held out offering subscriptions on the Apple iPad simply because Apple won’t release subscriber info to the publisher. I have posted on this issue before “Apple iPad Too Dictatorial to Publishers?“. Please visit for more background information on this issue.

Time Inc., Condé Nast and Meredith Corporation joined Hearst Corporation in boycotting the iPad for the exact same reason.

Anyway, it appears Hearst (and I assume the others if they haven’t already made other arrangements) may be approaching a work-around-solution to this problem that involves ‘bespoke‘ or custom-created publications for Apple instead of making their existing products available on the iPad.

(John’s Note: I did not know what bespoke meant before this research…AND, I’m still unsure just how the Hearst mags’ custom software for the Apple iPad will garner the subscriber info for Hearst…ANYONE have any ideas?) 

These details from by Brett Pulley 

Hearst Magazines ‘Optimistic’ About Resolving Dispute With Apple

David Carey, president of Hearst Magazines, said he’s “optimistic” that major publishers will be able reach an agreement with Apple Inc. (AAPL) about selling subscriptions for the computer maker’s iPad tablet.

Hearst Magazines, a unit of New York-based Hearst Corp. with more than 200 titles around the world, is among the big publishers trying to reach an agreement with Apple. Carey said he is concerned about getting access to information about people who subscribe to his company’s magazines on the iPad.

“I don’t think the publishing industry and Apple are on the same page relative to the data discussion,” said Carey at the Bloomberg Media Summit in New York. “We do not want to be disconnected from who the subscribers are. I’m going to be optimistic that the big publishers and Apple will find a way to work together.”

Hearst’s 14 U.S. titles include Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and O: The Oprah Magazine.

Apple last month started a subscription service for publishers of newspapers, magazines and other content applications. News Corp. (NWSA) is offering subscriptions to the Daily, its new digital-only news publication, through Apple.

Apple has refused to release some consumer information to publishers for customers who buy subscriptions directly through its App Store, which has been a sticking point for some publishers, including the closely held Hearst and Time Warner Inc. (TWX)’s magazine group, Time Inc.

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Apple iPad Too Dictatorial to Publishers?

 Is Apple getting too much into its publisher-clients’ business and dictating how to do their business? NIM (Next Issue Media) thinks so…And I

Android Tablet

think with some justification.

NIM is a new venture owned by Time Inc., Condé Nast, Hearst Corporation, and Meredith Corporation, formed so these publishers can have their own tablet app store to publish and distribute their products as they see fit and not as Apple wants to dictate to them.

I think Apple is making a big mistake. Especially with all the new, more inclusive and improved android tablets preparing to hit the market!

Chris O’Shea writes this for MediaBistro:

Publishing Companies Prepare Tablet App Store

Time Inc., Condé Nast, Hearst Corporation, and Meredith Corporation are adding the finishing touches to their tablet app store. Morgan Guenther, the Chief Executive of Next Issue Media (NIM), the new venture owned by the publishing companies, says that it should launch within the next few months.

He says that when the store launches, it will feature at least two titles from each of the companies, and by this summer, every magazine will be available. Guenther also says that News Corporation’s (another owner of NIM) newspapers will be available by then.

For now, the app store will only be available on Android tablets. This is because NIM is the result of publishing houses not wanting other companies (read: Apple) to dictate how their products are distributed.

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Hearst Publishing Introduces ‘culture of innovation’

Hearst Publishing has come up with a novel idea that I thought was around since the beginning of good business…Mainly that of seeking and listening to good ideas from your own employees!…And, most importantly, rewarding those personnel with good ideas properly.

Great track to be on…funny Hearst is just discovering this innovative concept!

Jason Fell reports this in FOLIO magazine:

One of the biggest players in consumer magazine publishers is looking inward for inspiration.

As Hearst gears up to launch its mobile application think tank the App Lab, the publisher Thursday announced the creation of Hearst Innovation—an internal, company-wide effort aimed at creating new business ideas and improving communication.

According to Frank A. Bennack, Hearst’s vice chairman and CEO, the initiative “creates a pathway for us to discover, develop and reward great new business ideas from the best source available—our own employees—while supporting a company culture of creativity and collaboration.”

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