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liquidpubs, a New Digital Publisher for Mobiles

Liquidpubs is the name of a new, so-called “next generation” digital publisher.

What exactly does that mean? As far as I can determine…I think it means a digital publisher that publishes for the new mobile devices in their particular formats (specifically smartphones and tablet computers).
Just how many digital publishers are there? Don’t know, but there is a ton of members to the IDPF (The International Digital Publishing Forum), an international trade and standards association for the digital publishing industry.
Robin Wauters, writing for TechCrunch, gives more details:
There’s a new “next generation” digital publishing solutions provider in town, and its name is liquidpubs. Offering tools and services for publishing for smartphones and tablet computers, specifically, the startup aims to cater to publishers of magazines, newspapers and books wanting to get their content onto devices like the iPad and iPhone.

Of note: one of the company’s creative directors is Rob Janoff, a graphic designer probably most famous for his creation of the Apple logo (the rainbow bitten apple one, not the early Isaac Newton one) and his later design work for the likes of IBM and Intel.

The other creative director is renowned photographer and image artist Alexx Henry, but let’s not digress too much.

Liquidpubs is essentially a set of services and technologies that allows publishers of magazines, newspapers and books to offer owners of the iPad, an iPhone or an Android based tablet or smartphone an experience of their content specifically made for said devices.

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