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Halo Publishing International – Full Service Self-Publishing ?

Another self-publishing company for your consideration…Halo Publishing International (HPI) has been in business since 2002 and guides you through the self-publishing process for both printed and digital books.

Halo appears to have the expertise and connections to handle all the myriad details of publishing plus the marketing AND distribution through the nation’s largest: Ingram Distribution. Ingram captures the demand from booksellers, libraries and consumers.

The only thing I could not determine this late on Saturday were the costs. So, I can’t assess if they are reasonable or not…But, you can follow the link and contact them directly…Looks like they will build a price for you based on your needs and budget.

This press release from

Valley View, OH, July 02, 2010 — As Sue Lunquist, one of Halo’s authors, who published her own book, also known as self-publishing, eloquently sums up her experience with Halo Publishing International ( ) and its founder Lisa M. Umina, it is not only the services offered by a publishing company that creates success but also the expertise, passion and enthusiasm of the actual people who are involved in helping to accomplish the mission. “As in life, finding ‘trust’ combined with a ‘can do’ attitude is an unlikely commodity. With Halo Publishing International, ( ) they have ‘it’; ‘It’ being; trust, wealth of knowledge, creativity, honesty and a proven, successful track record. I am proud to be affiliated with Halo Publishing ( ) as their team goes way beyond a ‘typical’ job description.”

Self-publishing can be a wonderful solution for getting into print as it puts an author in control of his or her own destiny and positions them to be a lot more profitable than going with a typical royalty publisher
. Self-publishing also offers an advantage in that the writer keeps approximately 95% of the profits as opposed to the less than $1 most royalty publishers offer. With Halo Publishing’s process, ( ) the author controls everything: cover design, title, printer choice, promotion, book marketing strategies, sales, rights and after market deals. Self-publishing involves a lot of details, decisions, and determination, making it seem to some, pretty overwhelming. That is precisely why self- publishing resources like Halo Publishing International exist! At Halo Publishing International, ( ) they have “been there and done that” many times over and are often able to save their authors from making expensive mistakes. They often tell authors to think of them like a handy Swiss Army knife in that they possess all the necessary tools to lead their writers to greater success and profits when utilizing them to self-publish a book.

Press Contact:
Christine Folgmann
Halo Publishing International LLC
5549 Canal Road
Valley View, OH 44125

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