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This post will deviate slightly from our usual “publishing-writing-authors-books” theme and deal with another advertised subject of this blog: “other life stuff.”

In my on-going research of how to better market books on-line, I come across tons and tons of “systems” that purport to do this AND many other money making peripherals also. Most are crap, especially those selling “how to” literature in the form of eBooks, CD’s or DVD’s. But, some of these internet opportunities are possible with MORE WORK associated than advertised! Always look for systems that give great on-line customer support, training (weekly webinars to answer questions, etc) and get you in free or at a low initial cost with free 30 day trials (that often can be paid by your own greater initial effort). After all, legit systems want good workers that will make them more money and they are willing to pay good bucks for that talent.

I am listing links here to two systems I feel are simple, straightforward and honest, that I am personally involved with…and so far comply with my above paragraph:

1) Acme People Search Engine

2) Free and Powerful

If it turns out that these systems are NOT customer service friendly or the upline is NOT readily responsive to questions or they use too many auto-response emails rather than personal hands-on communication (granted sometimes hard, BUT that’s what they are in business for!) then I will report that later in their final grade here.



I Sold Second Copy Of My Story! (Faint, Faint)

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My 9th grade teacher bought a copy of my short memoir story on 1st August 2009. My second sale in a week and a half. I thank her very much for her contribution to my quest for learning and trying totally free internet marketing.

This is a slow process presently; hopefully I can break some kind of a “code” during my quest that will allow sales to pick up! I, and I’m sure many of you, are bombarded by tons of “buy-my-‘Book Blaster System’-and-sell-a-million-books-in-30-days!” However, my research finds 99.9% of these offers are just scams.

Stay tuned for more updates in my experiment in free internet marketing. I wish all my readers a happy and uplifting week!

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