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Bloomberg And Wiley Forms Book Publishing Alliance – Quick Facts

An interesting tidbit of publishing business news from RTT News, Global Financial Newswires:

Bloomberg L.P. announced that John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (JW-A: News ) will be the exclusive global publisher of Bloomberg and Bloomberg Businessweek branded books to be marketed as “Bloomberg Press, a Wiley imprint.” Wiley plans to publish the content using all media platforms including print, e-books and digital.

John’s Note: What is the difference between e-books and digital? They’re both digital, are they not? I will address this in tomorrows post.

Wiley and Bloomberg will work closely to extend the Bloomberg and Businessweek brands to long-form content in books and other formats. With Wiley as the new global publisher and distributor of Bloomberg Press titles, Bloomberg and Wiley will leverage the core strengths of the Bloomberg Press imprint and bring an unparalleled selection of titles for business leaders, finance and market professionals as well as academia.

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