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LG To Launch New Product Competing with Apple and Amazon!

LG Electronics in South Korea, the world’s second largest manufacturer of televisions and third-largest producer of mobile phones announced it will launch a product to compete with iPad & kindle. The company has 75 subsidiaries worldwide that design and manufacture televisions, home appliances, and telecommunications devices. LG Electronics owns Zenith Electronics and controls 37.91 percent of LG Display.

Only Gizmos ( revealed:

LG’s CEO, KW Kim, told Emirates Business: “We will soon launch a new product, maybe by April. It will compete with Apple and Amazon.” LG is not releasing any other information about this ‘new product’. But seeing LG’s keen interest in the new e-reader market and Mr. Kim mentioning Apple and Amazon, its hardy difficult to guess what he’s talking about.

LG is already working on e-ink based displays, and have also recently shown-off their 19″ flexible e-paper display, shown in the above pic. LG also showed a solar-powered e-reader not so long ago. Even though LG might comeup with their own e-reader, would they really be able to compete with Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle? While Apple and Amazon work closely with the major publishers, would LG be able to develop a publisher partnership that can compete with them? Entering the e-book market with just the hardware is like giving the customers a blank book with a great cover to read. Your move LG.

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