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A Multi-Book Deal at Age Six!

A six year old boy from India gets a multi-book deal from American publisher!

Damn, talk about predestined. I am astounded and happy for this little fellow. I think he has a future mapped out for him, thanks in no small part to his author mommy.

This from :

A six-year-old Harry Potter fan, whose school teachers once said that his story writing needed improvement, has bagged a multi-book publishing deal after he penned a mini-novel about his pet dog.

Little Leo Hunter wrote ‘Me And My Best Friend’ to tell the story of his alliance with pet Alsatian ‘Kugar’. His impressed mum Jamie, an author, contacted publishers on both sides of the Atlantic.

And, US firm Strategic Book Publishing liked the mini- novel so much that they to take it — and signed Leo to write 23 more, ‘The Sun’ reported.

He will get 20 per cent from early sales of the 10-pound, 25-page books. But this will rise to 50 per cent if more than 500 are sold. He will write under the same pseudonym as his mum, JS Huntlands, to protect his privacy.

Now, Leo says he wants to be “more famous than JK Rowling”. “I like Harry Potter but I like my books even more. Writing makes me very happy – it’s so interesting,” the boy, from Derby, was quoted as saying.

Though his primary school teachers were chuffed with his success, they once wrote a report saying his story writing needed improvement and he “needed to remember that there’s a beginning, middle and end”.

John’ Note: BTW, “chuffed” is a British word meaning “delighted”.

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