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Insightful Things About Self-Publishing

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Seeing Inside Self-Publishing

Simply, there are things you need to know before you commit to self-publishing…These insider tidbits expose realities about what you can expect from self-publishing and make your journey a little smoother.

The rather huge jump in e-reader sales in 2010 resulted in stratospheric e-book sales…Good news, indeed, but, learn to interpret the facts and most probable outcomes…AND realize what investment of yourself and time will be required for the best success.

Patricia Benesh, Huff Post, asks these five questions (with answers) that will instantly enhance your knowledge of self-publishing:  

With All the Hype, Is Self-Publishing Really for You? Five Questions to Ask Yourself

The dust is settling on 2010 self-publishing industry and the results seem promising. But are they promising for you?

You may have read some of the more compelling industry data published about e-books recently.
• The sale of e-book readers continues to grow. Gartner, a leading information technology analyst firm, predicts that the global sale of electronic e-book readers will have reached up to 6.6 million units by the end of 2010. This will represent a 79.3% rise from 2009 sales figures of 3.6 million units worldwide. Further, if this rate continues, the global e-book reader sales is expected to reach 11 million in 2011.
• The sale of e-books surged after the Christmas sale of e-readers. According to Publisher’s Weekly, this holiday season, Simon & Schuster reported a 150% increase in e-book sales over last year, Random House reported a 300% surge, and Kensington saw a 400% jump over 2009. For the first time, USA Today’s Best-Selling Books top-50 list had more than two titles in which the e-version outsold print. Of the top 50, 19 had higher e-book than print sales. Is the surge sustainable? According to Kelly Gallagher of the publishing research firm Bowker,

“Sales could flatten this year but still could be twice as high as they were in 2010. (E-books sales account for about 9% of the market.)” 

• Libraries saw a 200 percent increase in e-book checkouts. At the American Library Association Midwinter Conference (January 6, 2011), it was announced that libraries and schools worldwide were at the forefront of the e-book boom in 2010. More than one million new users signed on to access free e-books at ‘Virtual Branch’ websites, resulting in a 200 percent increase in e-book checkouts.

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