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Books Becoming Popular Marketing Tools-Generate ‘Invisible Income’

Another view on book publishing…or reasons to publish a book.

Nontraditional authors (entreprenuers, dentists and other professionals) published over 764,000 titles in 2009! That’s double the number in 2008 and six times the number published in 2007 according to Bowker LLC, which assigns the unique ISBN numbers that identify books.

These authors do not write and publish in hopes of writing a best-seller…but, instead, to generate what has become known as ‘invisible income’.

When you publish a book you become somewhat of an expert and the ‘invisible income’ results from speaking engagements, consulting, press and new customers.

Makes sense.

Sarah E. Needleman writes this for the Wall Street Journal:

Charles Martin is among hundreds of dentists doing business in the Richmond, Va., metro area. But his resume lists one credential that few of his peers boast: Author.

“If you write a book, you are an expert,” says Dr. Martin, who spent roughly $40,000 to publish and market five books, including “Are Your Teeth Killing You?” and “This Won’t Hurt a Bit.”

Dr. Martin says those books have brought in roughly 450 new patients to his practice. “Who would you rather go to?” he asks. “Someone who has written a book, or someone who hasn’t?”

Books are becoming popular marketing tools for the self-employed. An estimated 764,448 titles written by entrepreneurs and other nontraditional authors were published in the U.S. in 2009, including reprints. That’s more than double 2008’s figure and six times as many as in 2007, according to Bowker LLC, which, for U.S. publishers, assigns the unique ISBN numbers that identify books.

Entrepreneurs in most cases aren’t actually looking to produce best-sellers. Instead, most are taking advantage of new forms of publishing, including electronic publishing and print-on-demand, to generate “invisible income,” says Adam Witty, founder of five-year-old Advantage Media Group Inc., a Charleston, S.C., publisher. That income stems from “speaking, consulting, press and new customers. It’s not about selling copies.” Mr. Witty is the author of “21 Ways to Build Your Business with a Book.”

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