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Richard Branson’s iPad-only digital magazine to be Called ‘Project’

Here is some cutting edge news about the British entrepreneur (pictured) RE publishing and, believe it or not, space travel and space hotels!…I love this guy!

This from by Jason Hesse:

Richard Branson takes on iPad-only publishing

In a press conference invitation, Richard Branson said that his iPad magazine, currently called Project, will include entertainment, travel, business, design and international culture.

Richard Branson’s Project, which has previously been referred to as Maverick, is being developed under the creative direction of Anthony Noguera (former editor of Arena and FHM) and Richard Branson’s 29-year-old daughter Holly.

Industry watchers are also speculating that Project will also be used as an in-flight magazine on Virgin Airline flights.

It’s interesting that Richard Branson is keeping away from news and current affairs – presumably this will be left to The Daily, the iPad newspaper Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is working on.

Although speculation has been rife about Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily, the 79-year-old media mogul only acknowledged the project last week.

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