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Sexual Harassment In Publishing Industry

Sexual harassment against ANYBODY (men and woman alike) is simply unacceptable! This post…for those who have not heard about the departure of David Davidar, the CEO of Penguin Canada, due to unwanted sexual advances…is an actual account by one of the victims on her blog.

What makes this even more interesting are all the comments her post generated that point out the prevalence of sexual misbehavior and discrimination in the publishing industry:

As reported in the Huffington Post:

Ever since the news about CEO of Penguin Canada, David Davidar’s, departure came out, I’ve been thinking about making this post. About how much I could say, and whom it would implicate, and what would happen. In the end, I need to write this post, because it turns out a lot of women are silenced in publishing, by the small nature of the industry, and by the fact that most of the execs are men. I’m not in the industry any more, and I’m not going to name names. I am going to write about it.

Read the whole story:

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