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What Mark Morford of the San Francisco Chronicle says on Publishing:

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From Mark Morford’s 6/10/09 San Francisco Chronicle, Notes and Errata column:

“…Personal example: As previously mentioned, I am on the cusp of putting out my first book, the long overdue Daring Spectacle (get on my newsletter right now to learn more, do it do it do it). I have had the discussions. Multiple agents, publishers, the works. They all told me the same thing: Book publishing is a disaster right now, the industry’s in a meltdown contraction apocalypse swine flu death throe. Authors and books deals are getting shunned and mutilated and tossed aside like gay rights at a GOP convention. Terrible time to be trying to sell a book, they summarize. Terrific. Thanks.
Upshot: I am self-publishing. Doing it all myself. I have had to give up on roughly a hundred notions of How I Thought This Would Go Down and instead I will be working all sorts of newfangled angles, from Twitter to Facebook to YouTube to podcasting a live reading from my iPhone video camera (hell, why not?), all to get the thing in front of as many wary eyeballs as much as I can because, well, this is the new way. It is very much not the old way. Good thing? Bad thing? Is it all sort of great? Does it entirely suck? Yes…”

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