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Autharium Publishing – Direct E-Book Publisher and Distributor

How about a new kind of publishing house, one that harnesses and utilizes all the available new tech? A dedicated, direct e-book publisher AND distributor that simplifies and drastically shortens the publishing route to market … AND pays 85% net royalties to boot! 

Autharium Publishing, launching this week, proposes to do just that. Autharium is UK-based but with global outreach. 

In addition to the publishing side of Autharium, authors can use the social marketing tools to promote their work to grow their reader-bases for free.

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Autharium ebooks are retailed directly through: the Autharium website, Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, WHSmith, Foyles, The Book Depository, Blackwells, and many, many others. Autharium ebooks are also distributed to thousands of libraries.

Notting Hill, London, UK (PRWEB UK) 6 September 2011

The UKs first dedicated, direct eBook Publisher and Distributor—Autharium Publishing—launched the first “direct to Author” beta website this week. is undoubtedly the first of a new kind of book publisher who are focused on the rapidly expanding ebook market. Through their innovative proprietary publishing platform an Author can: upload or create a new book from scratch, submit it for publication approval and QC checks, and then have it published and distributed by Autharium in a matter of days.

In addition to the rapid route to market, ease, and convenience, authors will also receive 85% of net royalties! Some 17 times a typical royalty share.

“We felt that—given the wealth of creative writing talent within the UK and the huge growth in the popularity of ebooks—there needed to be a new way to get these and future books to market, not just within the UK but globally. So we created In addition to the Publishing side of Autharium, Authors can use the social marketing tools to promote their work to grow their reader-bases for free.”
-COO Matt Bradbeer

The Autharium beta version enables authors to become published and have their ebooks distributed and put on sale through the world’s largest ebook retailers, to a global audience – for free whilst in beta.

“We’ve been working on the Autharium digital printing press for the last year and a half. To our surprise and delight authors have already contacted us to publish their ebooks before we’ve even launched. For us this is very exciting as this is what we have been working towards for sometime now. The first of these ‘The Chronicles of Eternity’ series by J.A. Gordon are real page-turners and John Lawrie-Welsh’s spy thriller series ‘Cuelsin’ is gripping. We’re delighted to be publishing and distributing works from these authors.”
-CEO Simon Maylott

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