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Self-Publishing Ins and Outs

There seems to be some confusion about self-publishing. And if there is one thing I’m an expert on it’s confusion! I was born with the trait of confusion…and with hard work over many years I have earned my black belt in the state of confusion.

But, back to self-publishing itself. So-called vanity presses are NOT self-publishers. The only ‘self-publishing company’ is you — by definition (per following article).

Exhaustive self-publishing resources and research are given by Tony Cagala in his article for the Ramona Sentinel:

“Anybody can write,” Ernest Hemingway once remarked. “All it took was hard work.”

For many budding authors, it isn’t the writing that’s the hardest part. It’s finding a publisher that is.

Traditional publishers, armed with such terms as marketability and salability, have seemed to maintain an unbreakable control over what is or is not published.

But over the past 30 years or so, there has been an increasing trend in self-publishing, a method that allows authors to pay for their own works to be printed.

In today’s technologically driven world, becoming a published author is easier than ever before, said Dan Poynter, a self-published author of over 70 books, including the “Self-Publishing Manual: vols. 1 and 2.” He is also the creator of the self-publishing resource website, (John’s note: bookmark this link)

“Computer technology makes the writing faster, researching easier, and production is less expensive than it used to be,” Poynter said. “You may start by publishing your book as an e-book — at no charge. With Amazon and other companies you have access to potential buyers around the globe.”

Ramona resident Peter Zindler, an engineer for the U.S. Department of Defense, has written and sold several self-published Christian-themed novels and inspirational books.

“The beauty of self-publishing,” said Zindler, “is that you can publish one or 100 (books). It gets writers the opportunity to see their work out there. Artists have a great opportunity to paint a painting and go to an art show. Writers don’t have that opportunity, but now with self-publishing they do.”

“If I want a book, I lay out $3.20 and $2 for shipping… It’s really a great, great tool,” Zindler said.

Zindler is also the host of a writers’ critique group of self-published authors and poets.

In 2007, Zindler was the only published writer in the group, he explained. They now have seven published writers in the group, six novelists and one poet, with 19 books among them, he said.

“Three years ago only 125,000 books self-published,” Zindler said. “Two years ago they came up to some 200,000 titles. Last year there were 754,000 titles … almost four times the amount. Next year, I believe, it’s going to be over a million. The Internet has leveled the playing field for writers.”

But as the self-publishing business grows, so too does the confusion about what it actually means to be self-published.

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