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Transmedia? What the F—!

What the Hell is Transmedia?

There is a whole alternative universe out there materializing for publishing. Getting to the portals that let you into a smattering of understanding may be a bitch for some of us older farts. If we accidently get positioned close (through new wave education or just blind stumbling upon) to one of these damn portals…we will have to go through a debriefing and reprogramming chamber before we can even enter through the damn thing…

At least that’s the way the vast-publishing-information-overload-tsunami that keeps crashing over us again and again (as if it had a self-perpetuating life of it’s own) makes us feel! New technology and knowledge are reproducing at the speed of light!

Will we ever be able to keep up?

So, back to the title of this post; just what is transmedia? Basically it’s a format of other available formats (they’re reproducing fast) combined into one presentation. I have paraphrased from several sources…so beware.

Wikipedia discusses transmedia storytelling…please read the link to get through portal one of the alternative publishing universe (APU).

Then proceed to Which Transmedia Practices are Best Suited to Traditional Publishing? by Edward Nawotka in Publishing Perspectives for a debrief/reprogram seance for entrance through portal two of the APU…

Good luck in the “What the F—!” universe…

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