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Does Twitter Have a Publishing Problem or Opportunity?

I just recently discovered John Battelle, author and publisher of John Battelle’s Searchblog and a founder and Executive Producer of the Web 2.0 conference.

He wrote an interesting viewpoint RE Twitter publishing and what he thinks makes the social site tick and what possibly would/could solve it’s existing scaling problems (keeping provided service balanced with demand and growing and branching out that service?).

This from his Searchblog through Business Insider:

Twitter’s Major Publishing Dilemma

One of the many reasons I find Twitter fascinating is that the company seems endlessly at an inflection point. Eighteen months ago I was tracking its inflection point in usage (holy shit, look how it’s growing! Then, holy shit, has it stopped?!), then its inflection in business model (hey, it doesn’t have one! Wait, yes it does, but can it scale?!), and more recently, its inflection point in terms of employees (as in growing from 80+ staff to 350+ in one year – necessitating a shift in management structure….).

Twitter now faces yet another inflection point – one I’ve been tracking for some time, and one that seems to be coming to a head. To me, that inflection has to do with usefulness – can the service corral all the goodness that exists in its network and figure out a way to make it useful to its hundreds of millions of users?

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