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Ebooks: Leading the Digital Culture Revolution

The digital revolution has ‘only just begun’ (I love that 70’s Carpenters song We’ve Only Just Begun!)…The first main wave is about to crest, but many after-waves are already forming!

And what is carrying the digital revolutionary message? What is the crucible containing the crital content…the secret strategy?

Ebooks, that’s what!

As Wesley Lynch, writing for Tech Leader, says in his report, E-books: Publishing on the eve of a revolution,…Not even Facebook reaches out from the digital into the physical world to the extent that e-books do.’

Lynch reports:

The mercurial world of the internet remains a catalyst for change. In recent history, iTunes, the seminal digital music download platform, has turned music distribution upside down.

Now, with e-books poised to hit the mainstream, we’re on the eve of a revolution to rival that.

People don’t appreciate how deep the impact will be on our day-to-day lives. Not even Facebook reaches out from the digital into the physical world to the extent that e-books do. Mobile phones and One Laptop Per Child don’t add value in and of themselves. An e-book reader such as Amazon’s Kindle, however, comes with a content value proposition so compelling that it is single-handedly changing the way books are distributed, bought, sold and read.

So how will the comely, harmless-looking Kindle change how we think about, interact with and deal in books?

Print (books, magazines and newspapers) will die

(John’s note: I don’t think print will ever die out completely. New tech is in the works to simplify & make print more value added)

Gutenberg’s printing press (invented in 1439) is widely regarded as the most important development of the modern era, notes Wikipedia, putting paid to handwritten manuscripts and paving the way for the Renaissance, Reformation and Scientific Revolution. Now, after almost 600 years, the e-book is signalling the death of the printed book.

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