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Independent Publishing Using Crowd Source Funding

Crowd Source-Funding Can Be Colorful

A good example of how crowd source funding can work — along with an excellent crowd funding site resource: Kickstarter.

These things are discussed by author/educator Joseph Gutiz by using his own recent crowd source funding experience:  

By Joseph Gutiz in press release through Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch: 

How Crowd Funding has Transformed the Publishing Landscape Through Hybrid Advances

New Trends in Publishing Lead a California Educator to Offer Pre-Orders of His Inner-City Children’s Book

New Trends in Publishing lead a California educator, Joseph Gutiz, to seek help in funding by offering pre-orders of his humorous, anti-bullying, and pro sports children’s book through the reward filled crowd-funding site, Kickstarter.

Joseph Gutiz, Author/Independent publisher ( ), also a California educator for the past twelve years, and a professional photographer for the past three years ( ), understands first hand what children deal with on a daily basis. Joseph Gutiz, who writes and publishes under this pseudo name, recently launched the book project entitled “The Adventures of Chubby Cheeks: The Pro Quest,” which balances many issues children face nowadays, such as bullying, financial hardships, and common middle school dilemmas, all while they pursue their dream of becoming skateboarding pros without compromising good humor.

The book is set in the world-renowned Skateboarding city of Venice Beach, CA. Which has been a mecca for new trends like skateboarding, body building, street art to name a few. Joseph now wants to be the next Jeff Kinney in order to bring more awareness to the various common issues that plague our youth of today. He thinks that the book will do well by offering diverse characters in a well-plotted story line in order to capture the age group that he has written for (8-14).

Here are just a few of these assorted characters: a bullied chubby cheeked boy and his wimpy African-American sidekick set out on a Pro Quest to become pros at everything they do, along with a skateboarding bulldog, a blue jay, and a daring Caucasian skater girl. As they start their quest, they encounter thrills, mishaps and everyday inner-city childhood adventures along the way.

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