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The Next Generation Publishing Paradigm?

Looking for the new Publishing Paradigm

Are publishers ready for the new and coming digital publishing paradigm? Content creation, management and delivery will be changing even more rapidly in 2012 and there are certain signposts sprouting up that will help guide publishers, especially more unmovable traditional publishers, to better understanding and acceptance.

I don’t feel newer publishers will have as much difficulty with the transition into an expanded and freer publishing universe … simply because they have less baggage and therefore less to unlearn, so to speak 🙂

This from Brian Grey, CEO of Bleacher Report, in

How Publishers Can Ready Themselves For Digital Media’s Evolution

As the media industry rolls towards 2012, changes to the traditional publishing model will emerge faster than most people realize. Content consumption behaviors are already evolving and in this rapidly changing environment there exists opportunities for publishers to embrace the core tenets of a next generation publishing paradigm that promises to alter the way content is created, distributed and consumed.

And as with every disruptive transitional movement within a major industry, content publishers need to focus primarily on fundamental consumer desires that drive these shifts. Publishers need to truly understand that in the digital-age consumers seek specific elements that can help improve the overall content experience for users, including:

Instant Gratification – Readers crave information “right now”. They want real-time entertainment delivered to them on multiple screens, wherever they may be. People have increasingly become news junkies and we want as much content as we can get about the topics we care about.

Granular Coverage – Consumers are clamoring for content at a highly detailed level. They want access to analysis and opinion on a multitude of topics and storylines, and not just cursory recaps or summaries. There are hundreds of thousands of topics for which users seek a deep content experience that goes way beyond headlines and soundbites.

Comprehensive Experiences – In an ever proliferating digital content world, users seek a single, one-stop shop source that can curate all the content that they care about. No one publishing outlet can satisfy today’s content consumer. Increasingly people will ascribe value to publishers who both create deep, meaningful content while simultaneously pointing these same people to other great content aggregated from around the Web.

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Future Publishing and Book Selling – An Insight

The Flinch - The latest mini-book by Julien Smith to come out from The Domino Project.

I’ve been a follower and big fan of Joanna Penn for quite a while now … And never cease to learn from her personal book writing and publishing trials and successes, which she has published in the form of blogs … sort of like a reality show journaling her blossoming as a writer, author and teacher.

One outstanding thing about Joanna is her completely open mind and willingness to accept and try new concepts first and not accept prevalent prejudices and fears about them. She is like a sponge, absorbing new ideas and readily making them work.

The following post from her The Creative Penn blog is visionary, informative (full of incisive links) and indicative of her growing and unique abilities:

The Flinch, Newsjacking And Digital Publishing

The Flinch is the instinct to draw back and shrink away from pain or what is perceived to be dangerous, difficult or unpleasant.

  It’s also the title of the latest mini-book by Julien Smith to come out from The Domino Project. Right now, you can get it for free on and’s the book cover shown left). It’s a short, challenging read with one main point.

Embrace the flinch regularly, push yourself out of your comfort zone and get on with doing the important things in life.

Stop avoiding pain, get some scars and achieve something worthwhile. If you need a kick in the pants, go download it and share it with others.

The Flinch is important for you because of the changes in the publishing industry.

I was at the #FutureBook conference earlier this week and although it was filled with positive, forward thinking book-lovers, you could also sense the fear and concern amongst those who still believe print is the only way forward. My article on what authors can learn from the conference will be on the Future of the Book blog soon, but today a few things happened that illustrated the changing times we’re in and I wanted to share them with you.

People buy from those they know, like and trust.

One of the buzzwords of the FutureBook conference was ‘discoverability’, how to help people find books they want to read in the mass of information online.

Well, people buy from people they know, like and trust which funnily enough, I learned from Julien Smith & Chris Brogan in their book Trust Agents. I downloaded The Flinch on the strength of my respect for Seth Godin as well as Chris & Julien. Yes, this book is free but I have also bought 90% of all books from Seth Godin’s Domino Project because I’m in his tribe. He doesn’t have to ‘sell’ me anything, he just has to tell me the books are available and I click to buy.

John Locke in his ‘How to sell 1 million ebooks’ said that authors need to have a list of fans who will buy their next book, in the same manner as Seth has done as well. Locke was the first indie author to reach 1 million Kindle sales so he knows what he’s talking about.

You can do this too.

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