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E-Book Formatting and Marketing Help for Indie Authors

E-Book Formatting and Marketing

The busy, busy world of publishing transformation,  transmutation, transfiguration and metamorphosis has spawned unprecedented growth in indie publishing (self-publishing by writers) and the study of supportive skills such as editing, marketing, formatting and cover design graphics, etc.

The main drawback to the growth in self-publishing is a lack of growth (to date, anyway) of the same support usually furnished by a major publisher — sooo, indie types must experiment and use trail and error in ferreting out these luxuries to increase their chances for success.

Jason Boog, God bless him, of GalleyCat, has assembled some free e-book formatting and marketing guides:


Free eBook Formatting & Marketing Guides for Writers 

As self-published authors enter the eBook market, formatting has become more important than ever.

Indie authors don’t have the same support as a major publisher, so we’ve assembled a list linking to formatting guides for all the major eBookstores.

Follow the links below to access these free style guides…

1. Smashwords Style Guide (provides guidance for “major ebook retailers such as the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and Diesel”)

2. Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines (PDF link)

3. Barnes & Noble PubIt! Support & Resources Page

4. Kobo Writing Life FAQ for Writers (PDF link)

5. Creating ePub Files with Apple’s Pages program *

6.Calibre User Manual (how to use this powerful eBook conversion tool)

7. Smashwords Book Marketing Guide

Read and learn more

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