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Traditional Publishing: Dead or Alive? Two Points of View

BookExpo America has drawn 20,000 readers, writers and sellers to the Javits Center in New York

Just what is the state of traditional publishing (TP)? Does it have a future? Is it changing? Is it in crisis? Just what the hell is going on with TP?

We’ve been discussing TP on my two blogs for some time now. Getting input from several different publishing disciplines, published writers, wannabe writers, etc. And guess what? There is no consensus on TP! Some feel this way, others feel that way.

One thing is for sure. TP HAS changed and IS changing — To what end seems to be the unknown. But, this is no big deal because everything and everyone is changing, all the time – that’s life – and the TP unknown future falls in with the rest of our future, which is ‘unknown’.

But, it’s human nature to speculate about things – and TP is one of those things.

Two current views have come out of two recent events: The Futurebook Innovation Workshop held in London’s Brick Lane, 30th May, and The Book Expo America (BEA) 2013, held over the past four days in New York.

The BEA 2013 shindig emitted a feel-good, positive-growth feeling for the print book biz, a dip in e-book growth and a calming of the digital disruption.

The Futurebook Innovation Workshop emitted an opposing view: “Publishing should expect the same profound shake-up experienced by the games industry over the next five years, HarperCollins group strategy and digital director Nick Perrett has said.”

So, what’s in TP’s publishing future: calming growth or continued shake-up?

You know what I think? Despite any real or perceived future shake-ups in publishing — I think ALL publishing will experience growth — simply because Homo sapiens are many-faceted individuals.

What do you think?

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