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In Today’s Publishing Bedlam – There Are At Least 1,001 Ways To Get Where You Want To Go!

John R. Austin

John R. Austin

Yes, in modern, evolving publishing there ARE at least 1,oo1 ways to get where you want to go — You just have to cut through all the digital jungle, not get overwhelmed and focus on any reasonable path.

How do you find a reasonable path?  Two quick ways pop into my mind:

1- Do simple research to determine reliability and accountability of new digital publishing platforms. Read the reviews and make a decision to commit to one. Try one on for size — if you don’t like it you can change later to find one more to your liking. The point is to take an action to fire off your project!

2- In lieu of your own research, take the advice of experienced colleagues in the new publishing trenches — Like authors, literary agents, publishers and librarians.

And we are going to actually execute number 2 in tonight’s post; by listening to eleven such individuals.

I think their brief interviews will put much in perspective for many — So enjoy this from The Washington Post, Lifestyle Section:

Book experts weigh in on the publishing industry’s revolution

Authors, agents, librarians and others who ‘live by the book’ talk about what‘s changed and what it means

Revolutions in the book business make headlines day after day. Two years ago, Borders filed for bankruptcy; Amazon, the bane of bookstores, has become a formidable publisher, as well; and, among other upheavals, a dispute over financial terms between Barnes & Noble and Simon & Schuster has led the retailer to cut back on orders from the publisher. What does all this mean for the people who work in the industry, from authors to literary agents, publishers and librarians? Style posed that question to several Washingtonians who live by the book.

The Literary Agent

The Self-Published Author

The Publisher


Click this link to get the publishing industry professionals’ advice and input – Just click on their pictures at this link to bring up their input 🙂

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